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Living the Namaste Principle

We are on the cusp of a pervasive shift in how we live on Planet Earth. Perspectives that were limited to a small group of seekers a generation ago have, little by little, crept into the mainstream. Between 2012 and 2016, the number of yoga practitioners jumped 50%. Another survey in 2016 suggested that in the next year 80 million people would try yoga for the first time.

Meanwhile, 40% of Americans say that they meditate at least weekly – another 8% say a couple times a month and 4% say several times a year. That adds up to 52%! Such numbers of people would have been unthinkable several decades ago!

Trends like this seem to indicate a movement toward a different paradigm of consciousness – a shift away from the primacy of the ego and away from cultural goals such as consumerism and competitive struggles to amass a fortune. Yoga and meditation are designed to lift us into a serene state, one that reveals our commonalities, the unitary consciousness that is our underpinning. However, despite our deep resonance with the truth of such paths, we are faced with the daily necessity of operating in a world that is mostly founded on quite different assumptions.

In other words, the next step for us is to apply in our daily lives what we are absorbing from such spiritual practices. What we need is guidance in how to do that.

This little book is a primer in one very simple and elegant way to bring a profound, spiritual truth into a hectic world. That technique is based on the common word used to greet others in south Asia: “Namaste.” Hidden within the word is a world of wisdom and revelation. For it means: “I pray to the divinity within you.” Or, phrased differently: “The divine within me greets the divine within you.” If we say this enough times, and do so in a heartfelt way, we begin to settle into the truth of “we are both one in the divine,” that is, “we are two waves on the same ocean.” An ocean is much more significant, much larger, and more powerful than any individual wave in it!

How do we move out of the mindset of being little (or even BIG) waves unaware of our underlying connection? Waves that fade and disappear into nothing? The Namaste Principle brings our awareness back to our oneness each time we encounter another person…much as we bring our minds back to the focus of our meditation (a sound, the heart, the breath)….and then, when it wanders, bring it back again… and again….

Each person we meet  in life’s many rooms becomes, not an adversary, not a competitor, but a reinforcement of our common divine identity. And our lives begin to morph into something new.

Doug Bill bestows a reminder upon us of this revolutionary principle, and generously shares with us his adventure in discovering and re-discovering it, uncovering bit by bit, the profundity of the truth that it reveals…And he invites you into your own adventure of embracing the Namaste Principle.